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Jefferson Mack

Jefferson Mack is a unique artist who has been bringing his passion for metal arts to the world since he was a teenager. Born in Vienna, Austria, he is a true Renaissance Man. He has worked at many occupations: Jewelry design; Rock and roll lighting designer; Licensed general contractor. He got his first full-time metalworking job as a blacksmith at London’s Kew Bridge Steam Engine Museum in 1984. Jefferson Mack Metal specializes in architectural elements: Gates, Railings, Lighting fixtures and furniture.


His work adorns countless homes, corporations, design establishments and architectural firms throughout the U.S. and beyond, and has been featured in numerous media outlets such as Architectural Digest, Veranda, Sunset and California Home and Design.


“I think we’re over-technologized as a culture and we’re dying for things that don’t have hidden circuitry. My work is honest work, done by hand, and it’s held together by something that makes sense. A rivet makes sense. It’s a purity of function, paired with an instinctive architectural signature that makes each piece unique.”
– Jefferson Mack


We are always scoping out new avenues in metal design, innovation, concept, and practice.  As we expand our offerings and include a more complete selection of structural metalwork goods, lighting, furniture, as well as fire and hearth accessories, we remain committed to our core aesthetic impulses, anchored in the traditions of metalwork.


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